So right now, I am at a very exciting (and kinda scary) time of my life – I have just graduated university with good grades but no plans. I have always known what will be the next step: school, sixth form, university etc…but now what?! I’ve been applying for jobs for the past year with minimal success and a large reason is because I still have no idea what in the world I want to do! All I do know is that I want to wake up every morning excited about the day to follow and I really want to love what I’m doing (not asking for much!).

So I thought what better way to document this exciting chapter of my life in today’s world than with a blog? There are many things I am passionate about – health and fitness, food, style etc and I look forward to sharing these with you.

Current situation: One month post-graduation and a few interviews lined up varying from event planning to asset management. I’ve taken up the role of receptionist at my Bikram Yoga studio to help them out, pass the time and have unlimited access to classes. I also really enjoy contributing to one of my local magazines, Darling, the Cobham and Esher Edition.



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