The Idyllic Greek Island Life

So I haven’t posted anything on here for a while and that is because I had the pleasure of joining my family on a holiday to Crete. We’ve spent the past few summers over on the mainland, in northern Greece (Halkidiki to be precise) and so wanted a slight change. And oh wow did we get what we wanted – Crete was beautiful: the weather, the beaches, its incredible ability to have tourist attractions that don’t feel ruined  by tourists (yet…) and one thing that really helped was the gorgeous resort we stayed at, Daios Cove. The hotel is essentially built into the cove and has its own private beach. The architecture is such that the hotel doesn’t look at all garish and looks as if part of the cove itself, made in a similar rock to the cove. The crystal blue waters of the sea along with the hotel’s infinity pool that overlooks the cove makes you feel like you’re in heaven on earth, not to mention the delicious food served at buffets as well as the two restaurants…I could not recommend this place enough! Let me give you just a glimpse of what it felt like to stay there…

Firstly, just look at that view!

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Mornings spent swimming in the pool…


Followed by the pool bar and Greek or iced coffees…

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Fresh fruit for lunch on the beach…


And an afternoon lazing around on the sand, dipping in and out of crystal clear waters and reading an incredible book set in the very place you’re soaking up the sun (The Island, by Victoria Hislop – huge fan of her books and this one made for an emotional read, set in Crete about the old leper colony island, Spinalonga – will have to be back soon to visit it!).


Then, once you’ve had enough sun for the day you can retire to your hotel room, have a shower and relax in those cosy hotel dressing gowns with a cup of tea and that view…quickly followed by pre-dinner cocktails and wine! I told you it was like heaven!

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But of course, we had come to Crete and we wanted to see what the island had to offer outside of the resort. So off we set for a day of Cretan adventures! First off, we visited the church of Panagia Kera, just near the town of Kritsa. The church originates from the Byzantine period and this particular church is considered the most important in the area. From the outside, the church isn’t especially overwhelming and apart from a very subtle cross at the top, it could be easy to not realise the significance of the building. However, once you step inside it is a very different story. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed but I have never seen such a heavily decorated interior, where every inch of the inside was ordained with Byzantine frescos, each telling a different story. This was a huge contrast to the white walls lit up by the sun outside and there was definitely a more sober and somber mood once inside the church. This was the perfect moment for some reflection and gratitude. Once we stepped outside the church, we noticed a small shop and cafe and it was browsing little off the road places like these that we really felt we were in Crete.

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Well I have inundated this post with lots of pictures so I’ll post again soon with the rest of the day’s adventures which includes the archaeological site of Lato, the beautiful traditional Cretan town of Kritsa and the city of Agios Nikolaos and obviously lots more pictures!